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Too many back-and-forth questions on a simple quote



Must have WIFi? Not able to use on the go😞

Why? I can’t use on the go! Never signed up for that?

Crashes a lot

App crashes when trying to delete messages or quotes.

Global Trade

A global trade always available and easy to use for everyone


Cool app


I’m sorry but Im getting pretty close to just deleting this app!! I have tried purchasing a few items and they keep trying to make deals via whatsup app and email! Also I seem to be getting quotes for higher prices than what’s advertised thank you

Spam calls

I have been getting unwanted calls from all over the world after making purchase and provided my phone number to seller. Very unhappy with this.

Very easy to use

This app is very easy to use and navigate. There's plenty of sellers on the site that will give you multiple offers. It a great tool for my needs,

Nicely designed

New user to alibaba, but no stranger to using sourcing apps for our business. Hands down one of the best designed and smoothest apps I have used. Able to access and enjoy everything I need through its intuitive and friendly arrangement. My review is based on the applications user experience and not based on what some other reviews seem to harp over.

It’s where is your time

It’s worse app they don’t respond to you fast and there is no way to make a payment for any products you want to buy it’s sh***t

Muy buenas llenas la experta tiva

La Recomiendo

My best option to success

I love Alibaba for the versatility

More addicting than Facebook or Instagram

I discovered this app about 8 hrs ago and I haven’t visited any other apps since. If you are thinking of opening your own online store, than this app is a must have! Congratulations!!! You have the best app ever 💋💋💋 Let’s hope I become a millionaire because I selected 3 items to sell in my online store. Thank you so much for making my dream come true.

Great Communication

Great place to communicate and get that’s custom manufactured by other countries

High waist active wear.

I don’t have much to say just yet, considering I just started. But so far so good.


I love


I love it !!!


Great products and great app


Only thing is that at times the app can be overwhelming with so much info.


I really love this app as an wander of a spa.I found so many great products that I want.thank you for this great app💖💖


Easy so far

App keep shutting down

The app keep shutting down after you open the items your are looking for and you click to go to there website in Alibaba . Is extremely frustrating because it shutdown completely and you have to star again from the beginning to try to find the vendor .


حبيت الاسعار لاكن مااعرف كيف اطلب وهل فيه خدمه الدفع عند الاستلام؟

Bad app

Stupid app really


User friendly

Kala Burson Alibaba review

I love to have all of these manufacturing options at my fingertips, I feel closer to my dreams with each connection. My only issues are the communication time gap , the shipping prices and the shipping time. I have a order now that I have been waiting. Couple of weeks for and I have some orders that come faster than what I thought

Love it

This app reminds me of AliExpress every thing is cheap I love it

Slows all interaction down

Since the adoption and enforcement of basically having to have the app, I have found the entire experience slow and difficult. It is not fun to utilize Alibaba - and it is not better for business. It is a very good example of a company that has tons of money but no understanding of what made it grow so quickly. It is one of the worst apps I have ever used from a well funded company.

Great app, easy and convenient to reach out with stuffs

Great app by all standards

App is good

Can’t complain so far so good



This is real

My order took two weeks it was on time an it was extactly wat I wanted



A contacting method

Hello dear I know this not a place to write a message but I need to contact you directly through an email or a phone number as I wanna know information about your products because I need huge quantities of some products.. thanks!

kung fw

i want to get somethings of you

Worst App and Worst Site!!

If I could rate 0 stars I would! SUPER high shipping on everything. Sellers changes prices on you and reject your quotes...not worth the hassle. PRODUCTS ARE CRAP. You can’t really read all reviews until you purchase, from each seller. Not to mention the app doesn’t have the capability to do much of anything as far as the requesting a quote does. You can’t cancel them on the app. Everything is awful!!! — is much better. Most of the items there are free shipping and have visible reviews! Ordered LEGIT converse for $11...



Great but !!!

Need to make more options for delivery by all routes.


Fast action of order


A well rounded reliable site for ALL of your wholesale needs!

Useless app on Windows and iPad

Useless app in Windows Chrome, Windows Explorer, and iPad. Unable to delete old mesages, RFQ, and orders. App crashes when trying to delete on ipad, with latest upgrades. Hard to know, which messages are old and new sometimes.

Suppliers and sellers can be fraudulent

Be careful Suppliers and sellers can be fraudulent and you will get no support from alibaba or trade insurance

Difficult finding custom suppliers

Very difficult getting in touch with suppliers who actually listen to my needs. Can’t find anyone who will customize what I want

Nice app need better search engine

Sometimes I need to resort to Google. If I am looking for a 12 watt small lamp I often get a bunch of many watt street lamps. There are some good ways to narrow a search but it isn’t as intuitive as expected.

Shipping destination not show on my user log in

To me, Alibaba show allow user to select and shipping to: destination like Amazon does. So, all calculation $ base on selected destination including shipping fee, tax, cleaning custom (by estimate at least ) Thx, Bunny 012 92 57 92 English speaking pls


You Surprise me all the time. Something “New” every time I LOOK!

Wandy Tavarez

Me gustan su produto

Sign in

It seems you must sign every time you want to see a different tab under myalibaba. It is an amazing waste of time.

Execional aplicacion

puedes encontrar todo lo que desees

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