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Where is the Escrow Filter Option?

Whoever made this app forgot to add the Escrow option in the search filter section. I need to look for suppliers that won’t scam me by using escrow services. Please tell your developers to add it else this app is useless. I will change ratings once I see it again.

Quite everything am looking for @ very very affordable prices!

Quite everything am looking for @ very very affordable prices!

I am new to this site .I am seeking black empty perfume bottles 50ml preferred

Thank you

Nice App

Like the ability to interact directly with suppliers ! I also enjoy the option that if suppliers doesn’t answer within 24 hours the app suggests other suppliers !

Great job guys

I love this site, thanks


Grate App I Love The Feedback I Receive.. Thanks

Bait and switch

98% of the vendors in here are not Manufacturing but just trading agents. NEVER believe the price that’s listed I have never seen it correct. And usually the product is different than the photos. And this site is wrapped up with fake goods and copyright violations.

No me gusta mucho esta compañía

Por favor verificar no me gusta esto y no entiendo los producto


Alibaba is simply the best b2b site Real business happens right here

I cannot downloaded this app

I would like to check-out some products but the download cannot be completed.

العراق بغداد مدینه الصدر


Really Easy to Use

The site is reassuring. I was a little worried about buying internationally but the Alibaba website makes it super simple and I feel good about the customer rating system. Stay tuned for more updates as I make my purchases and I will let you know how it goes! So far it’s a 2 thumbs up. 👍👍 Mr. New_To_Alibaba in the US!


So far so good like the prices

Renig this

Going back on your word to create jobs isn’t right. I’m deleting this app and will not do business with Alibaba.

Seems scam app to collect your personal information

Just downloaded the app and registered with all my personal information verifying via email and phone number. Then suddenly system log me out and when I try to log in it keeps saying ‘abnormal account’. I and my business are both very normal; but seems your system with your app are very abnormal. Fix it or ditch it.

Good but not good as AliExpress app

App is good for quick search and contact of companies from China. It is more convenient then through browser. But, overall layout is not good as AliExpress app. You should work a bit on UI.

Try it , good experience!

I’m a SaudiArabia citizen, AliExpress is a great experience.. Future Marketing !


I don’t trust it

I keep getting accountability

Please fix I signed in once now I’m unable to sign in again .

Buyers Beware!!!

Keep in mind you are purchasing cheap products from China! They DO NOT do business like US. They do not support or protect customers satisfaction. Sellers take an extensive shipment period and once products arrive damaged, apparently you fall out of the 30 days money back guaranteed. Buyers have zero support even after you send proofs of poor manufactured products. After they reviewed complaints descriptions, they send you an “we’re sorry we can not further assist you with this matter. Please contact your seller” What a joke! Considering you paid hundreds on products in advance in good faith!


Una caja


The app could be simplified much more


The App is very slow, messaging is terrible 😕

Farmhousemyway ,

I have just opened your app looking forward to getting products for my new business .😀

Fake photos

Can you please have the suppliers stand next to the electric motorcycles so we know the size of it , stand next to the sex dolls so we know the size of it , what’s all this standalone stuff ? we’re not going to buy the motorcycle and Park it in the driveway so people can look at it , we want to know if a human being can ride on it???, Make your website better than the others , post photographs with human beings standing next to the product , holding their product , it all looks so fake ???

Very confused on how to buy

I am interested in buying the portable storage houses they have but it says you have to buy a minimum amount and I only need one I am trying to build a house of grid and was recommended this app but it’s seems this is mostly bulk sell unless each unit is like a part or something I am very confused

Excellent Resources

In new marketing business and using Alibaba for potential suppliers of goods and services. Awesome results and suppliers do far very responsive.


Would like to order.....: need help please contact me . Thanks

So easy

Alibaba makes it so easy to shop and get in touch with prospective sellers and buyers! Wonderful!

App works well

App works well on I pad



Very user friendly 😊

Very easy to use and good products


Me encanta realmente se encuentra de todo a buenos precios

Alibaba Fan

When I was sixteen I used to get on the school computers to negotiate imports with the Chinese. Five years later, and how they’ve grown. This app brings back glorious memories.

Very good

Very nice


Grasias por tomar parte de ustedes

Alibaba app review

Alibaba looks great and has a lot to offer the user just enough for you to search for your own feedback in the system and leave you wonder if what you have found was placed there for you rather than being brought to your fingertips by design

يلبي الطموح

اتمني يكون البحث اسهل وأسرع .كل شي متوفر ورخيص شكراااا

Alibaba is Great

Alibaba is connecting consumers and manufactures. I have explored the platform inside out and I am impressed with the technology and philosophy of Alibaba.

Middleman or Manufacturer

I have visited so many mini sites and everyone claims to be a manufacturer. My recent experience of a purchase did not convince me that I dealt with a manufacturer. It’s important that the info is authentic. We need to be sure of whom we are dealing with so that we can achieve our objectives. Alibaba has been useful but again, how do we enforce international warranties? We are about to make orders for items that vendor (can’t call them manufacturers) are offering 3 years warranties. Also how do we see other customers review about a vendors product? Thank you.

Bad sellers

Sellers have good prices but they will rip you off with high shipping costs, which it will cost more and it won’t be worth to re-sell. Also, sellers should work a little bit more on comparing prices with other vendors.

Colm Rowan

I wish to say that there is widespread misrepresentation by vendors on Alibaba. What is posted on the page of the vendors is not available. One cannot judge what is actually available or the price that one will be quoted later from what is posted on the webpage of the vendors. This practice would not be tolerated in the United States. It reflects very badly on the vendors. Alibaba needs to begin an investigation into what is referred to in the West as “bait and switch” or its reputation as a business-to-business platform will be severely harmed.

Concerning ordering for smaller Growing companies

I like Alex press and enjoy many of the products. I would like to know about the shipping possibilities if they could be a little quicker is that possible? And I would also like to inquire about the quantities that can be ordered. Four instance, is there a possibility of ordering a smaller amount for now until the business begins to grow a little bigger and the demand gets better then expand to a larger amount? Thank you for your concerns. Jimmie Rivera, Allentown Pennsylvania USA



Phone number

No phone number available

Great app

Great app. Easy to navigate. I have had great experiences working with vendors on Alibaba.


لا استطيع الشراء من هذا المتجر بسبب عدم وجود توصيل الطلبات الى العراق

I love Ali baba.

Love the products you sell. Your service is fast and efficient !! Seams to be truthful with integrity!!! I really appreciate it. Especially since our current president is so dishonest and lies constantly. Truly and sincerely with best regards, Darren Ventura.

Good customer service

The people on this app contact you very fast

Terrific Looking Products

Have not purchased a product yet but am interested in many items.

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