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Ron deroco

Easy to browse, filters are nice to have to narrow products down a lot. Some sellers descriptions and prices can be very misleading. You have to be savvy when browsing and look at whose selling an item, a manufacturer, a wholesaler or trading company. And knowing about the product when inquiring with seller helps lessen any confusion between you two. Very happy with the companies I have inquired with so far.


غير مهتمين باللغه العربيه

Awesome app


Me gusta el principio

Soy nuevo y estoy empezando a ver la forma de obtener artículos me parece buen principio gracias

Should work more seamlessly

When clicking on a link in my email from Alibaba, or when viewing a supplier’s mini-site on Alibaba in a browser, the link does not open the Alibaba app and take me directly to the page for the link that I clicked on. Clicking on the link takes me to the App Store, where I can only click “open” to open the Alibaba app, which is already on my phone; and when I click “open”, I’m still only taken to the app’s default start “page”.

Empresa Multi- Produccion

Produccimos leche de ganado, alimentos para ganado. Quesos , peces para el consumo, carne de ganado y ahora necesitamos montar planta de alimentos para la gente. Estamos urgidos por la planta y solos para almacenar arroz y maíz.!

Easy access

I'm new to alibaba, but so far this site is so much easier to navigate than I expected. I'm looking forward to actually making investments using alibaba.


Very easy to find Supplier.


Fast. Great way to contact manufacturers in other countries. Bravo.


Very good app

Prices are amazing

I recommend people to look at your site.the prices by US standards is amazing as long as you don’t mind shipping time which is understandable. I don’t understand some thing where it seems you have to buy huge quantity. Like clothing you have to purchase like 100 items as a minimum

Better than the website

Easy, faster and uncomplicated. Definitely recommend

Easy transactions

Hank you for the quick response

Face life products

So far this app has been a useful and great way to find suppliers for my business I look forward to using Alibaba. For most of my business needs.

These people

Are peeing in my coke and calling it a joke.

Will not stop sending emails

Used the app one time and will not stop sending me emails. When you click unsubscribe it sends you to App Store. DO NOT USE. I will spread this throughout the business community until the emails stop. Emails are advertising emails.

Next best thing after invention of sliced bread.

This site and app makes it possible to make decent living by trading.



Love Is Unconditional



Confusing. Much hype on this 11/11 just difficult to shop and purchase


It seems to be good so far

Much better than their website

I’ve been struggling for many days, in trying to make an account and log in to their website on a desktop. Their app is INFINITELY more efficient and faster. Save yourself the aggravation and just use the app.


How do i uninstall this app. It’s not what i thought it was. Please help!

Good service

Good for me

Works for me

Great app

Nice App

I love it for my business.

Muy buena la aplicación

Tiene variedad de productos y buenos precios

With a 2 words

This is great marketplace for me


Very useful to me.

False ad

The sellers advertise "Low Minimum Order Quantity" to attract buyers but when you submit an inquiry, you quickly find out their required MOQ is not even close to whats advertised. Had many bad experiences on alibaba.

Ver nice

Is great






Great place to find various products.

Very good online shop

I like .


Great app

The amazing app

This app puts the world in the palms of your hands. Get anything you wish at Walmart prices. It’s like having your own store. I’m loving it! Thank you

Oh my, so bad

I don't know what's worse.. the website or this app.. ugh. The biggest problem is sorting out all the spam without spending the rest of my life trying to do so.

The best

Good and very responsive they have people atending at all times very good


Nice app

So far so good

App works as it should

Cheap but high minimum orders

More for resale than for personal shopping but cheap prices

System busy. Try again later.

Been trying to create an account for two days. Keep getting message "System busy. Try again later." I contacted their support after the first 7 hours. It's one day later but it's still broken.

Notifications Bugs

Notifications show even after reading all messages. Fix this. EDIT: Yes, This is under messenger.

Amazing connection to the world.

But with confidence. Amazing


Has everything I need.

Excellent business app

People, this app is for importers. Some items can be bought by individuals but you have to be familiar with importing and using escrow accounts.


I need to meet Jack Ma ! Thanks

Communication is weak

I've messaged a few wholesalers on here. The pictures aren't good enough for me sometimes to know what I'm getting before I get it. The products I search for, there's many duplicates of it and various suppliers. So I message the wholesaler and ask about the product to make sure I know what I'm getting. They never answer me back though. I ask about pricing, I ask about the product pictured, I ask about the minimum. The details aren't strong enough so I want to ask. They don't answer. Weak communication. It's impossible to do business on here.


Very good site , but still some of the supplies are not good

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